Privacy policy for Swedish Footwear Club AB

For us it is important that the personal data that you as a customer and reader entrust us with are handled in a cautious, responsible, transparent and legal manner. In this text we will outline what we do with your personal information. We handle your data according to Swedish and European data protection legislation.

SF Club AB’s privacy policy describes what information is collected, the purpose for which they are collected and how your personal data is being stored and used. The policy also specifies how you can access and update your personal information and choose how data about you can be used and deleted.
SF Club AB is personally responsible in accordance with these terms and conditions and is responsible for processing according to current legislation.
It is important that you read and understand our privacy policy before using our services.

This Privacy Policy applies when you use our website and when purchasing or delivering goods to/from SF Club AB. With personal information we refer to information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a physical living person. Examples of personal information are name, address, phone number and e-mail addresses. Information about the IP number and your user activity regarding the use of the Service may also constitute as personal data.
Treatment includes all handling of personal data, such as collection, analysis, registration and storage.

The processor/data processor is the fysical person or corporation that alone or in coalition with others decide the purpose of the treatment of personal informaion. And are sole responsable for that such treatment are done in accordance with current laws.

  1. Personal information
    The policy applies to personal data we collect from, or about, our customers from the following sources:

    Websites and domains operated by SF Club AB
    as well as third party webpages on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Customer Service
    Your purchase history and email communication with our customer service.

    Email communication
    Electronic communication between you and SF Club AB.

    Demographic data
    All information you provide for registration is collected. Geographical data on residential areas can also come to be stored. .

    Technical information, computer / cellphone
    Information about your computer or similar equipment used to access our site, such as the IP address of your computer / device, operating system, browser version etc. If you are using a smartphone or other mobile device, we also collect information about the phone’s unique ID, advertisment-ID, geographic location, etc.

  2. Personal data we collect about you and how we collect that data
    Depending on how you communicate with SF Club AB, we collect different types of information for the purposes below:

    personal / contact information
    This may be the information you provide that will enable us to contact you. Examples are name, social security number, address, country, telephone number, e-mail address etc.

    Information about the use of our websites / communications
    When you visit our sites, we use automated data retrieval techniques to collect information about your activities. This includes links you click, pages and content you are viewing, and the corresponding information and statistics about your visit. The information is automatically retrieved using cookies (browser cookies and session cookies) as well as third party tracking services.

    Some information is automatically retrieved when using our service, such as information about your use of the Service, technical data such as IP address, hardware type, operating system, browser version, geographic information, and address information.
    We may update your information from other public records, such as SPAR, if necessary to maintain good care of your information.

    The SF Club AB website uses permanent cookies for best functionality.
    A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer containing information. Cookies are used for purely technical reasons for the website’s functionality, such as login, navigation, and program management. There are two kinds of cookies, one that saves a file permanently on your computer and another variety that is stored temporarily while you are on the website.
    If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can turn them off in your browser’s settings (see your browser’s instructions, the approach varies depending on your browser). However, this means that the functionality of the website may be limited.

    log Files
    We collect information using log files that register the activities on our site and collect statistics about your surfing habits. The information is automatically created and helps us find bugs, improve performance and maintain website security.

web Tags
Web tags are scripts with tags linked to graphical objects on our website or in an email. The purpose of them is to send back data to us. Examples of information collected are technical information such as IP addresses and information on how you respond to an email campaign (e.g., when the message was opened, the link you clicked, if you are using a computer / mobile phone, etc.). We use web tags on our website and in e-mail communication. We use collected information to measure traffic on the site, such as number of visitors, in order to customize the pages.

  1. Purpose of processing your personal data
    SF Club AB processes your personal data in accordance with current legislation. SF Club AB uses your information for general business purposes such as providing the Service, to improve your experience of the Service, to inform you about our Service and Terms of Service updates, to improve and develop the Service, new services and products, as well as to analyze your use of the Service, to ensure the technical functionality of the service, to prevent use of the service in violation of the terms of service and to prevent and investigate misuses of the Service, direct marketing, demographic studies to measure the impact of marketing and advertising campaigns, statistics and analyzes as well as to fulfill legislational responsabilities.
  2. Exportation of personal data
    We never disclose personal data to third parties for any purpose other than updating data for public records or statistics / analyzes conducted by third parties on our behalf. The data is pseudonymisated and depersonalized as far as possible. Third parties are not given the right to use your personal information for any purpose other than those contained in this privacy policy.

Personal data may also be disclosed if we are required to do so as a result of a court order, or if we have received your consent to such disclosure.
If there is any suspicion that you have committed a crime related with the use of the Service, information may, upon request, be disclosed to the authorities.

  1. Storage of personal data
    By use of the service you leave us personal information, as well as your agreement on how we proceed with the treatment of this data mentioned in this form above. Our legal reasons for treatment of this information can and will be refered to consent, fulfillment of agreement, legal obligation or legitimate interest. In cases where we use legitimate interest as a basis, it will only be done for the purposes stated above and for our or other company within the Group’s behalf.
    The processing of personal data is in accordance with current legislation and means that personal data are not stored for a longer period than is necessary for the purpose of the processing.
    As long as you have an account with us, we will store your personal information.
    For marketing purposes, only relevant information that is not older than 36 months after you cease to be our customer will be used. This implies that data will be erased when they are no longer relevant or necessary for analysis or direct marketing for the purposes from which they have been collected.
    You are entitled to delete your personal data without unnecessary delay unless personal data are necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed.
    You are entitled to request that your information should be corrected at any time if these are incorrect.
    In case we are required by law to store your information, the data can not be deleted but only blocked.
  2. Handling of personal data

    Who has access to your personal information?
    Your personal information is only handled by authorized personnel who have access to them thrue their occupational position, and who must have access to / use the data for that purpose only.

    Opeational Environment
    We store your personal information in our operational environments. Here are market leeding standardized security methods used to prevent unauthorized access. We comply with applicable laws and generally accepted standards to protect private and sensitive data.

  3. Access to personal data
    Due to current legislation, you are entitled the right to request a physical or digital copy of the information we have saved about you. You are also entitled the right to request information about the source from which your personal information was gathered gathered.

    You can access your personal information by contacting:
    SF Club AB
    Data controller
    Birger Svensson väg 38A
    432 40 Varberg

    Attach a copy of your ID card or equivalent (if the law so permits). If the request is sent by someone other than you, and nothing indicates that it indeed comes from you, the request will be rejected.
    If the request is seemingly irrational or unreasonable, especially because of its repetitive nature, we are entitled to charge a fee or refuse to meet the request.

  4. Changes to the policy
    If we make a change in the way we process or store your personal information, we will update our policies. We reserve ourselves the right to make changes to our routines and policies. Check the policy regularly on our website to see if there has been any recent changes or updates.
    9. Law and dispute resolution
    Processing of your personal data according to this privacy policy shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes shall be settled by the Swedish General Court.

Data controller
If you would like to ask questions or leave feedback about our privacy policy or complain about our compliance with current privacy laws, please contact us at:

SF Club AB
Data controller
Birger Svensson väg 38A
432 40 Varberg

We strive to process and respond to any comments about how we treat personal data, including violations of your rights under applicable privacy laws.
If you believe your rights are not respected by us, feel free to contact us at the above addresses or you can contact the swedish Privacy Authority (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten)

Best regards

Swedish Footwear Club AB

/ Data controller

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